In March 2010, I found myself entering a detox facility in upstate New York, a pivotal moment marking the beginning of a profound healing journey.

I grappled with numerous physical and emotional hurdles during that time, each presenting an opportunity for learning and transformation. I knew the road to recovery would take time and surrendering to the process was a lesson in trust and patience.
I was committed to my journey; committed to living fully. I was willing to do whatever it took to reinvent my life. This reshaped my outlook and influenced all my future choices. It was a moment of clarity and empowerment, setting the stage for the next phase of my journey. I was ready to create my reality.

As I embarked on my journey home to self, I discovered the power of somatic healing through creativity and working with crystals. 
In 2013 I channeled my experiences into starting a crystal healing jewelry business. This venture was the fusion of my past experiences with my newfound purpose. It marked years of growth, challenges, and achievements, mirroring my personal transformation. 

After a decade of creating reiki infused, custom made crystal healing jewelry for souls from all over the world, I felt it was time to expand and share more deeply. I founded a few new offerings one of which is the "Rise from The Ashes: Jewelry Making for Healing" workshop. This initiative offers a platform for others to discover the therapeutic power of jewelry making and find self-embodiment and regulation. It's a space for creative exploration and personal healing, fostering a community of support and shared growth.

Hi, I'm Sol.

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