VIRTUAL - Rise From the Ashes: Jewelry Making for Healing Workshop- Feb 4th  from 1-4:30pm EST

VIRTUAL - Rise From the Ashes: Jewelry Making for Healing Workshop- Feb 4th from 1-4:30pm EST

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Rise From The Ashes - Jewelry Making for Healing. 

Creativity saved my life. It is the foundation from which I built a new life for myself after a near death experience. This workshop walks you through the power of rising from the ashes, of reinvention through the process of creativity. 

If you are wanting to explore jewelry making and healing, this workshop is for you.

Working with your hands is an ancient healing practice. It is a spiritual journey that brings you into the present moment and promotes deep self-embodiment and regulation. It is magical!

Since ancient times people have made art with their hands. There is deep medicine in this. We will bring this power back to our hands through this practice. 

What is included:
-beads, stringing material, Quartz pendant (materials will be shipped to you)

What you’ll need to bring:

-Bead tray (Amazon has a great variety)


-hand held lighter 


What you will learn:
-somatic practices such as breath work, pendulation and meditation.

-You will feel into the power and medicine of the phoenix and how to transmute energy 

-How creating helps you connect with your body, release tension, and foster a sense of grounding.

-you will learn the energetic properties of the crystals we are using and how to activate them.

-create your very own beaded necklace  

-you will learn ways to step into observation and allow your body to regulate itself.

We close with a rite of passage ceremony to integrate this new template and initiate ourselves into a new chapter.

No prior experience in jewelry-making or crystal healing is necessary. I will walk you through the entire process.

You will walk away with your very own piece of Jewelry to represent growth, transformation and the beginning of a new, more embodied and empowered you!

limited to 7 attendees