Custom Consultation


* waitlist 3-4 months 

I believe we are all connected through energy. It’s the ability to perceive and work with that connection and energy that we call our intuitive gifts.

I use my intuitive connection with source energy/love to channel information.

These messages come to me in a few ways depending on the person I’m working with. It may show up as an aura around a person or a persons photo which allows me to read their energetic signature. I sometimes receive a strong intuitive feeling about someones situation based on our conversation and at times, I receive an audio(clairaudient) or visual (clairvoyant) message.

Crystals that are of the most benefit to the individual I'm working with come through during meditation and this is where the creation of a one of a kind healing piece of jewelry begins 

Feel free to contact me for an consultation via email. -Sol

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